Dato’ Seri Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad

Datuk Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad

Aged 65, was appointed a director of Brahim’s Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Tamadam Bonded Warehouse Berhad) on 15 May 2008. He was redesignated as the Executive Chairman on 9 July 2008.

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim is the founder and Executive Chairman of Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd. He holds a Masters degree in Food Technology and a Diploma in Agriculture. A former lecturer and founding member of the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, University Putra Malaysia and subsequently the Head ofCorporate Research and Development at a public listed company, Dato’ Seri Ibrahim has wide experience in food and agrobased industries and has been involved in various professional organisations holding posts such as National Representative of the UNESCO Regional Network for Basic Sciences, Secretary-General of ASEAN Federation of Food Processing Industries,
Member, International Standards Committee SIRIM, Council Member of Malaysian Microbiological Society and Malaysian Institute of Food Technology besides sitting on various state and federal advisory bodies.

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim founded Dewina Food Industries in 1986 and steered it to public listing on the BMSB in 1995 after which the company diversified into various food-related business and went private again in 2002. Dato’ Seri Ibrahim was honoured with the Anugerah Usahawan
(Entrepreneurship Award) in 1993 and with a Datukship in 2002. Dato’ Seri Ibrahim sits on the board of LSG Sky Chefs-Brahim’s Sdn Bhd (“LSGB”). Currently, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of Baitul Hayati Foundation (a Non-Profi t Organisation). He is a shareholder and director of various other private companies.

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim attended six out of the nine board meetings of Brahim’s Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Tamadam Bonded Warehouse Berhad) held during 2011. He has no family relationship with any director and/or substantial shareholder of Brahim’s Holdings Berhad and has no conflict of interest with Brahim’s Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Tamadam Bonded Warehouse Berhad) nor has he been charged with any offences within the last ten years.