Dato’ Seri Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad

Datuk Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad

Executive Chairman       



Date of Appointment

15 May 2008

Length of Service
(as at 28 February 2017)

8 years 9 months

Academic/Professional Qualifications

• Master’s Degree in Food Technology, Louisiana State University

• Diploma in Agriculture, University Pertanian Malaysia

• Former lecturer and founding member of the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, University Putra Malaysia

• Honoured with the ‘Anugerah Usahawan’ (Entrepreneurship Award) in 1993

• Won the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award Asia-Pacific for 2013

Present Directorship(s)

• Director of Brahim’s Holdings Berhad

• Founder and Executive Chairman of Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd

• Chairman of Brahim’s Airline Catering Sdn Bhd

• Founder-Chairman of Baitul Hayati Charity Foundation

• Chairman of Food Aid Foundation

• Member of SME Development Council

Past Directorship(s) and/or

• Head of Corporate Research and Development at a public listed company

• National Representative of the UNESCO Regional Network for Basic Sciences

• Secretary-General of Asean Federation of Food Processing Industries

• Member of International Standards Committee SIRIM

• Council Member of Malaysian Microbiological Society and Malaysian Institute of Food Technology